What is the job of a personal stylist for men in Chicago?

Personal Stylist for menWhat is the job of a personal stylist for men in Chicago you ask?  Well, the men’s personal stylist job involves helping clients enhance their personal style, appearance, and confidence through their clothing. Which is in fact the single most important decision a man will make every day, since it defines who he is, without him saying a word.

So, knowing that your wardrobe is a key component of who you are, a personal stylist for men works closely with their clients to understand their individual preferences, lifestyle, and body shape, in order to curate a wardrobe that suits their personal and professional needs and goals.

Here’s a breakdown of the tasks and responsibilities involved:

  1. Style Consultations: Personal stylists typically begin their work by conducting one-on-one consultations with their clients. During these meetings, they discuss the client’s style preferences, fashion goals, budget constraints, and lifestyle requirements. Stylists also will provide guidance on dressing for body shape and color analysis.  In addition to this information, the men’s stylist will also conduct a small wardrobe assessment based on the what clothing the client currently owns, in order to determine what other styling services make sense.
  2. Home Closet Edit:  A personal stylist for men evaluates the client’s existing wardrobe to identify the clothing items that work well and those that may need to be updated or replaced. They consider the fit, style, and condition of the clothing to determine what can be incorporated into the new wardrobe.  When finished the client will have a fresh updated closet and a list of recommended items to purchase that will complete their wardrobe.
  3. Personal Shopping: Based on the information gathered from the style consultation and wardrobe assessment, the stylist will create a shopping plan. They will shop and select clothing, shoes, and accessories that align with the client’s preferences and budget. The client will either meet the stylist at the store or the stylist will bring the selected clothing to the client’s home to have them try it all on.  The men’s personal stylist will also ensure that the clothing fits well and work with the tailor to alter any items in order to achieve a perfect fit.
  4. Look Book: Once the shopping is complete, the stylist will offer to create a look book in order to optimize the client’s outfit options. The men’s stylist will take pictures of outfit combinations using the clients current and new clothing and create a digital book, for the client to reference at any time.
  5. Occasion-Specific Styling: Personal stylists can also assist with outfit planning for specific events or occasions, such as weddings, formal parties, job interviews, or business meetings. They ensure that their clients are appropriately dressed and feel confident in their appearance for any event.

Overall, a personal stylist for men in Chicago plays a pivotal role in helping clients project their best selves through their clothing choices, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. They provide a personalized and tailored approach to fashion, making the shopping and styling process enjoyable and efficient for their clients.

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