what is Business casual

What does it mean to dress in business casual clothing?  Basically the way I would break down a mens business casual outfit, is wearing casual pants, such as chino or a five pocket pant and a button down shirt or polo.  Which when you think about it, this is pretty basic and boring right?

So, how do you do accomplish this look with some style and without looking like every other guy out there?

  • No matter how old you are, opt for a 5 pocket pant, for business casual more of a hip look.  Look for a pant that is a bit more tailored so that it is not straight and making your legs look bigger than they are.
  • Introduce some layers like a lightweight blazer in summer or sweater/ heavier weight sport coat in winter.  Layering creates the look that sets you apart from everyone else.
  • Purchase a polo that doesn’t look like you are about to tee off or that looks like it is straight out of the 1980’s.  Instead, choose a shirt that has a bit more style to it with some unique details, that sits right next to your body without being too tight or too baggy.
  • Choose a shoe that has some style like an oxford in the summer or a chukka boot in winter.  Choose brown to go with navy and khaki pants and don’t forget to match your belt to your shoe color.
  • Finish off your look with a nicer coat that looks a bit dressier like a pea coat or car coat.  On a side note, a Northface jacket does not belong with a business casual outfit.

Still wondering how to pull the business casual look?  Contact me for some styling services and let’s start building you a wardrobe that you will feel confident in.