My corporate services help educate employees on how to adhere to corporate dress codes while accentuating, not compromising individual style. I customize my services based on the needs of each organization and love making the rollout of corporate dress codes fun and actionable. Companies work with me in the following ways:

Dress Code Reviews

I review and if desired, help shape your corporate dress code. I add in fashion tips that are relevant and aligned to your corporate image.

Dress Code Presentations

My corporate dress presentations are perfect for staff meetings and are interactive, informative, and 100% customizable. I include topics like generational differences and age-appropriate attire, getting the most out of your wardrobe, how to tell if something fits correctly, and the meaning of business casual.

Employee Dress Code Presentations

I take an organization’s dress code and tailor conversations to employees by asking them questions about their wardrobe and personal style. I give them tips on what brands, clothing, colors and fits would work best for them.

Employee Personal Shopping

I work with employees outside of the office by selecting clothing that will best represent the company and make the employee feel confident.

Cost: Pricing is based on the needs of your company.

The Assurance Story

Assurance, a local services firm that provides business and client insurance, employee benefits, and retirement services was transitioning from a business casual to a ‘smart casual’ dress code. Assurance management reached out to A Sharp Dressed Man for help.

I created a PowerPoint presentation to explain the meaning of smart casual, the do’s and don’ts of professional wardrobe, the proper fit of a garment, and how and where to shop on a budget. I shopped for a few of their employees and created a fashion show to highlight their new smart casual attire.

Corporate dress code


“The employee reaction to our series of “Smart Casual Fashion Shows” at each of our office locations using actual Assurance employees as models was overwhelmingly positive and helped create a real excitement for this new direction in our corporate dress policy. As an added bonus, Jennifer made her personal styling services available for those employees who desired additional guidance in updating their wardrobes to comply with our new “Smart Casual” environment. Any company seeking to bolster its image, update or simply re-enforce its corporate dress guidelines should consider partnering with A Sharp Dressed Man.”

Steven Handmaker – Chief Marketing Officer, Assurance

The Chicago Opera Theater Story

The Chicago Opera Theater produces high-quality works in the heart of the city. The theater’s executive director reached out to A Sharp Dressed Man to coach opera singers on how to dress for fundraising events.

I crafted a presentation for opera singers and the leadership team and included topics like the importance of a fist impression, how to mix and match and optimize your wardrobe, and what to wear on an audition or to a work event.

“Jennifer Mahoney has proven to be a great asset for us, not just in her great skills with one-on-one style services for our leaders, but also in her group trainings for our staff and artists. Her clarity and specificity in her recommendations are raising the confidence and presence of our team across the board.”

Douglas Clayton – Executive Director, Chicago Opera Theater