European style men

A Tailored Look Of Quality

European style men
Euro turtleneck and gray suede coat outfit
European Tailored look for men
Men's European plaid sport coat and navy shirt with a jean or pant and loafer
European men's style

 European style men are tailored and stylish.  The clothing is often associated with sophistication, elegance, and attention to detail. Classic suits, blazers, and fitted trousers are common items in a European man’s wardrobe.

-Colors in European menswear tend to be muted and subdued, with darker colors like navy blue, gray, and black being popular choices. However, accents of brighter colors like red, and green are also commonly used in accessories.
– Fabrics are typically high-quality and emphasize texture, with wool, cashmere, and tweed featuring heavily in European menswear. Linen and cotton are also popular choices for summer.
– European menswear is all about tailoring – clothes should fit perfectly, with little excess fabric or bagginess. Stylish accessories like pocket squares, ties, and cufflinks are used to add personality and flair to an outfit.
– European menswear is classic and timeless, so investing in higher-quality pieces can be well worth it.  

Below are the defined European men’s looks for each clothing category and as a personal stylist for men, I can help you achieve this look easily with a personal shopping session.  So contact me today to get started.

Men’s European Style Sport Coats

Plaid tailored sport coats or more luxurious fabrics like velvet work well with jeans and casual pants. 

Men’s European Style Shirt Jackets

Absolutely invest in a suede shirt jacket to up your European look.  Wear it with a great floral shirt or add a bit of sophistication with a turtleneck.  Make sure the jacket fits well, it should lay right next to your body with just enough room for one layer.

Men’s European Style Shirts

Nothing says European shirts like a nicely tailored off the rack or custom shirt.  The key is in the fit.  There should be enough room to move but it should not have any billowing on the sides, in front or in the back.  Opt for a crisp white dress shirt for a clean look or step out with a navy dress shirt or floral, to add some fun to your outfit.  

Men’s European Style Sweaters

All different sweater silhouettes work well in the colder months and you can even get really daring try a turtleneck, which looks amazing.  Once again, these will need to fit well and close to your body without being too tight.  Definitely layer them with a shirt underneath and or a shirt jacket or sport coat over top.

Men’s European Style Pants

To accomplish a Euro look with your pants, make sure they are tailored closely to your leg.  They should still give you room to move but maybe look for some that have some stretch features to them so they are still comfortable.  A narrow hem also looks better with a more tailored pant and a loafer.