Men's Urban Clothing

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Men's urban clothing
Men's urban clothing
Urban style for men
Urban mens look with a hoodie and shirt jacket
Urban mens style

Mens urban clothing has evolved over the years and continues to be a popular fashion trend. It has become a symbol of the inner city, representing the culture and style of city life. 

As the fashion industry continues to expand and evolve, urban clothing is no longer limited to just inner-city youth. Today, men of all ages and from all walks of life are embracing the urban clothing style.

So, what exactly is men’s urban clothing? How is it different from other fashion styles? 

Men’s urban clothing is a style that originated in the inner cities of America. Some of the most common pieces in men’s urban clothing include graphic t-shirts, hoodies, denim, leather jackets, and sneakers.  These looks are available from a wide range of retailers and many mainstream fashion brands have included urban clothing in their collections.  There are also several dedicated urban fashion labels that focus solely on the style, such as John Varvatos and All Saints. 

In conclusion, this look is a unique fashion style that continues to grow in popularity. 

Below are the defined urban looks for each clothing category and as a personal stylist for men, I can help you achieve this look easily with a personal shopping session.  So contact me today to get started.

Men’s Urban Clothing – Jackets

Layering is key to this look.  Choose a leather Moto or bomber jacket or a sueded shirt jacket to wear with a hooded sweater or just a plain tee.  Or dress up your leather coat with a edgier looking button down shirt.  All of these looks of course go really well with a gray or blue denim jean and a boot.

Men’s Urban Clothing – Shirts

Choose a plain gray or black tee to wear with a jacket or opt for a long sleeve tee with some distressing.  If you are looking for a warmer but still casual look, try a hoodie with a jacket. Dress things up with a fun printed button down, leather coat and jeans. Overall, keep your look edgy yet sophisticated and clean.

Men’s Urban Clothing – Pants

Keep things simple with a gray , black or blue jean.  If you want to add something a bit dressier, you can opt for a gray 5 pocket pant.  Make sure these pants are more tailored looking as they will look better with a boot or sneaker.

Men’s Urban Clothing – Shoes

Several options will complete this urban look.  A combat boot, biker boot with some metal accents, a Chelsea boot or an edgier sneaker works too.