rugged Mens clothes

A rugged man has a versatile, no frills wardrobe that can take a beating.

rugged mens outfit
Rugged shirt jacket outfit
Rugged mens clothes
Rugged mens gingham shirt with jacket outfit
Rugged flannel outfit

Rugged mens clothes style is a masculine style that is characterized by durable and functional clothing inspired by workwear and outdoor activities. Some common features of rugged men’s clothing include heavy-duty fabrics, utilitarian designs, and earthy colors. 

Pieces that are often included in rugged men’s clothing aredenim jackets, flannel shirts, blue jeans, work boots, and leather accessories such as belts and wallets. The rugged style evokes a sense of masculinity and toughness, making it a popular choice for men who want to project a sense of strength and resilience. Despite its practicality, rugged clothing can also be fashionable and versatile, and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Below are the defined rugged looks for each clothing category and as a personal stylist for men, I can help you achieve this look easily with a personal shopping session.  So contact me today to get started.

Rugged Men’s Shirts

Some examples of a rugged looking shirt would be a flannel or plaid shirt or a henley.  These pair up nicely with a vest or shirt jacket and jeans.  Opt for a boot or sneaker to complete the look.

Rugged Men’s jeans or pants 

A medium wash or gray wash jean in a heavier denim are both great to pair with plaid shirts, henley’s, shirt jackets or vests.  The gray wash jean looks great with any navy shirts, so that the outfit isn’t too blue.

Rugged Men’s Shirt Jackets

A shirt jacket in suede looks great over a plaid shirt or solid tee with a jean.  Or a plaid shirt jacket will look equally as nice over a solid tee or henley. Combine both of these outfits with  a medium wash jean and boot to create the perfect rugged style.

Rugged Men’s Vests

Several different options are available when you are looking for a rugged looking vest.  A quilted vest can be more outdoors looking when it is more padded and less quilting or you can look for a vest that is more sophisticated looking like one from Barbour or Peter Millar.  Either way, any solid vest will look great with a long sleeve henley, tee or plaid shirt and a jean.

Rugged Men’s Boots

There are many boots to choose from for a rugged mens look.  A heavier looking chukka boot will work well with any outfit.  Or opt for a suede Chelsea boot for a bit of an updated rugged look.