What To Wear on a First Date

Dating StylingSo your outfit will all depend on where you are going ….
Is it a coffee date at the local coffee shop?  If so, definitely wear something casual.  Jeans, casual shirt/sweater and a nice sneaker or casual shoe.
  • For the jeans- wear a pair of well fitting jeans (something that will highlight your body)  Not too tight or too lose and baggy.  My favorite fit is a slim straight for men.  A loose or relaxed fit will just make you look heavier.
  • Choose a pressed (no wrinkles please) casual button down with a simple print or a solid color.  Preferably long sleeve with the sleeves rolled up (just a better age appropriate, distinguished look) Stay away from tee’s that have graphics on them or short sleeve button downs, they just look too young.
  • For footwear, try a nicer sneaker (not a running shoe, because you are not going for a jog), casual shoe (something with laces that is not worn out or a boot.
Or are you going out for a drink at a nicer bar or restaurant?  Then you should definitely step up your game and look sharp with a nicer, more fun looking button down and a casual blazer and jeans or a casual pant which will go well with a lace up casual shoe or boot.
  • Once again make sure the jeans/casual pants fit well.  If you are not wearing a sport coat, or you have a charcoal casual sport coat, opt for a dark wash jean or if you are wearing a navy casual blazer, choose a gray wash or gray casual pant, this way you are not wearing the same shade of  blue head to toe.
  • A pressed long sleeve button down shirt that has a fun print or maybe one that has a bit of color in it.  It would be great if the shirt relayed something about your personal style.
  • A casual sport coat would really complete this look.  A sport coat that has little to no lining and works well with jeans or casual pants.
  • Wear a casual lace up shoe or boot with this outfit.  It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, in fact there are a lot of casual shoes in the stores these days that have a more athletic looking sole and are very comfortable.
Overall, just remember you only have 7 seconds to make a great first impression.  So make sure you show up wearing an outfit that fits well, is updated, age appropriate and says something about your personality.